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Celcom malaysia corporate and company analysis

For a company to thrive today, strategists must find ways to increase the organization's ability to read and react to industry and market changes.

The companies chosen for this task vary by industry: a famous automobile manufacturer (Ford) a bank going through a merger (Compass) and a start-up software company (DawningStreams). Emphasis must be placed on their adaptability in strategic analysis and their adaptability in strategic management of business organizations. The organization must have a strategic management model.

DawningStreams is a software company; they will need to monitor those companies who would be their competition to ensure their product offers better functionality. Some companies are even recreating full-fledged strategic-planning groups. United Parcel Service expects to spin out a new strategy group from its marketing department, where strategic plans are now hatched.

Ford Motor Company – Socio-cultural

Ford Motor Company embraces the socio-cultural changes taking place to allow the company to move in the right direction with respect to attitudes in the society. Ford Motor Company will continue to use the socio-cultural factors to drive the business and enjoy future success.

Ford Motor Company – Legal –

Ford Motor Company with regard to the Environmental Protection Agency adheres to the legal aspect of environmental scanning. Ford Motor Company accepted an award in March 2007 from the Environmental Protection Agency called the Energy Star 2007 Partner of the Year Award in Energy Management. Due to the environmental scanning that takes place at Ford Motor Company the company will use the information that is collected and continue in this direction.

Ford Motor Company – Technology –

Another environmental scanning tool that Ford Motor Company monitors and uses would be the technological portion. The company has invested $1 billion in the latest technology for flexible manufacturing.

The technological changes that are being embraced by Ford Motor Company through environmental scanning enables the company to experience huge cost savings through new product launches and 50 percent reductions in cycle changeovers along with waste reduction. The environmental scanning of technology that is performed by Ford Motor Company has allowed the company to have positive outcomes in efficiency while remaining a competitive company in the industry through cost savings and continuous improvement.

Compass Bank- Political -

Compass is a $34 billion Southwestern financial holding company that operates 415 full-service banking centers in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. Compass provides a broad array of products and services through three primary lines of business – Corporate Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management.

Compass Bank – Technology –

Some, if leveraged by a company within an industry before competitors use it, may even provide a competitive advantage.

Compass Bank – Competition –

DawningStreams - Competitors –

DawningStreams – Political -

DawningStreams - Technology/Intellectual Property –

The research implies that company size plays an essential part in the way senior management views security. United Parcel Service expects to spin out a new strategy group from its marketing department, where strategic plans are now hatched. Zions makes small deal, cites growing Arizona market. Ford Motor Company (2006). Ford Motor Company. Retrieved March 2007,

(2006). Ford implements advanced laser marking. Strategic Management: Formulation, Implementation, and Control. The McGraw-Hill Companies. Retrieved March 30, 2007 from EBSCOHost Database. Retrieved March 27, 2007 from the Bureau of Industry and Security Website at Watson, G. (2003) Business Environmental Scans for Intellectual Property Strategy (PowerPoint Presentation). Retrieved March 28, 2007 from the Oklahoma State University website at ,1,Business Environmental Scans for Intellectual Property Strategy

For celcom, communication is a serious business. This is why we have mainly products and service geared toward maintaining business voices. This products and services includes business prepaid plan, business supplementary plan, business post-paid plan and business satellite. A major challenge facing celcom is how to increase profit and maintain their competitive advantage in the Malaysian market. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)

The plan focuses on the company's growth, strategic analysis suggesting ways in which it can build on existing customer relationship and launching of the new product and/ or services targeted to specific customer niche. Our new marketing focus, made explicit in this plan, renews our vision and strategic focus on adding value to our target market segments, the small business and high-end home office users, in our local market.


  • To delight our customers.
  • (Celcom Official Website, 2009)

    In business for twenty years, celcom was founded as a telecommunications service provider and has evolved into high quality telecommunications provider across the Malaysian market. Dato' Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim was appointed as director/chairman of celcom (Malaysia) berhad on 25 April 2008. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)


    The competition in the specialty advertising industry is very strong both on local, regional and national level, making the Celcom the market leader in Malaysia.; Following the sales strategy developed by their local rivals, celcom Malaysia has improved their competitive level, through developing many telecommunications feature, providing quality services at considerable price.

    Basically in Malaysia, telecommunication service is not an oligopolistic business. There are many telecommunications service providers in Malaysia, ranging from local service providers to international service providers. This makes the industry a purely competitive market. Through advancing technology, they have made it difficult for small companies to enter the market, thereby, creating barrier to entry for other small companies.


    The customer's ideology of "quality service – less price" is still the ruling key to purchase.

    Technology plays the most important role in this sector of the Malaysian market. Many suppliers in Malaysia are more capital oriented than service oriented.

    Celcom currently offers the best broadband network in Malaysia. Technology is the fastest growing market trend nowadays. To maintain their position as market leader, celcom has enhanced their products technologically to keep the Malaysian telecommunications updated with ever technological advancement.


    Celcom sends personal sales representatives to market their products on potential customers and create service concepts for their business or choice of order. This enhances more customer loyalty and relationship with the company.

    Celcom's current marketing strategy to maintain customer-company relationship with potential customer.

    v; Celcom maintains a product differentiation strategy resulting from a strong market orientation, commitment to high quality, and customization of products and services.

    v; Being the oldest telecommunications service provider in Malaysia, has given celcom a competitive edge and increased customer's trust and loyalty to the brand.

    Development of a product that would provide better quality service by the competitors would probably put celcom out of business.

    v; Celcom provides many products and services that suites different customer needs, ranging from economic, business, and family and leisure satisfaction.

    v; High cost of products and service would be a competitive advantage to their rivals over customers, through implementing low cost quality products and services.

    v; Celcom must modify its management hierarchy, empowering its employees through a more decentralized marketing organization.

    v; Celcom should consider diversifying its product line to satisfy new market niche, as well as developing products that are seasonal to boost sale.

    The main objectives of Digi are to become the main market leader in Malaysian market.

    The main strength of Digi is the market size they occupy through their extensive marketing strategy and promotions. This has made them one of the market leaders and their service are largely demanded across the Malaysian market.



    In other to maintain their current market position celcom has developed competitive measures to fight off their rivals both at the present and in the future, this ranges from delighting their customers with their numerous service features, developing greater customer relationship strategy, implementing more societal marketing schemes and supporting the government. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)


    Celcom provides varieties of products and service to their customer, which is why they are presently the best in Malaysia. The products allow customers to pay their bill. A service designed for both travellers and the market in general. The distribution channel is designed in a way that it is so efficient for customers and increases potential sales for the company.


    Celcom I in the business of keep people connected to together and helping companies to market their goods and services as well as keeping them close to their customers.


    3.2.1 TARGET MARKET 1

    • large travel agencies or holiday planners

    3.2.2 Target Market 2

    • Niche market of business travellers

    3.2.3 TARGET MARKET 3

  • Direct consumer market of hand phone user.

Celcom has since its establishment, positioned itself as the number one Malaysian network in the Malaysia market. Physiologically, celcom has influenced the status of their customers, because they are considered to be financial capable by using celcom services.

By understanding the customer's needs, celcom has used its strength to fill the needs of the customers more than any other telecommunications service provider in Malaysia presently.



Celcom has developed an intangible attributes to the new products, to consistently meet or exceed customer's expectation, enhance speedy response to customers demand and attribute anticipate new customer needs. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)

Celcom should also be sensitive to the price elasticity of its product and overall consumer demand. (Celcom, 2009)

(Celcom Official Website, 2009)

(Celcom Official Website, 2009)


Extensive market research is to be implemented to regulate customer's satisfaction, anticipate and understand customer's new need, and improve the products to either make the customers delighted or satisfied. (Celcom Official Website, 2009)

  • The total budget for launching the new product, research, and customers survey will be equal to 80 percent of the annual promotional budget for the product introduction year.

  • The marketing director is responsible for adherence to the project budget and will report overages to the company president on a weekly basis. The business analysis team is responsible.

    v; By February 5, finalize customer satisfaction for current customers.

    v; By February 10, implement a new product offering advertisement and sample to potential customers. The business analysis team is responsible.

    The market director is responsible.


    Because the new product requires extensive commercialisation to match customers need, it is necessary to organize the marketing function by customer groups. This will give celcom the opportunity to focus its effort on the need and specifications of each target market. Celcom marketing efforts will be organized around the following marketing groups: 1] manufacturing group, 2] business-to-business group, 3] customer satisfaction group, and 4] customer relationship group.

    Celcom's Official Website 2009, accessed on 10 July 2009,

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    Reengineering means change, usually major change involving one or more segments of the business; this is why management must be involved and supportive. The mandate of the process team must be "Challenge the Status Quo." You have a changed control, not a reengineered business process. It begins by defining the vision for the reorganized business. If the vision can't be explained succinctly and clearly to the business, then the vision is not properly developed. Change must be ingrained into the fiber of the business. This is critical to the business for continued successes and long term corporate development. Succession planning must identify the qualities and traits associated with successful change leaders to ensure the business remains agile and continuously adjusting its' model of success.

    Reengineering the Business - Team Mandate

    A successful business turnaround requires the owner to take certain steps to become a profitable enterprise.; By taking the following actions, you can reorganize your company;and;produce positive cash flow.

    6.;Carefully execute the plan.

    Business owners often fail to execute their business turnaround plans.; Such plans require persistence, yet business owners sometimes grow impatient and turn back to sales instead of focusing on their cash flow and working with their creditors.; As a result, nothing will change and there will be no real recovery.

    7.;Expand or sell the business.

    Finally, business owners should know when to maintain the company and when to sell.; After using your business turnaround plan, the company will, ideally, become profitable. The business owner will then have learned from previous mistakes, and the company will thrive and grow.; However, the owner may simply lose interest in the business and should sell while it remains a profitable enterprise.

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    7 Suggestions for Creating Business enterprise Systems

    Kaizen Alternatives: Options of Business Process Optimization If it is applied carefully, companies can generate more profit by removing additional unnecessary work, eliminating waste and introducing new value-added activities.

    The kanban system is the first Kaizen alternative. This ensures proper control of workflow and an effective quality control of products. With kanban, the company can utilize the maximum resources of employees by helping them to achieve maximum output. It targets mainly on the departments of organizations, the place where major business processes are undertaken. After visualizing the operations, BPR creates strategies.

    Modular Functional Deployment (MFD) is the third category of Kaizen alternative.

    Kaizen Alternatives: Options of Business Process Optimization

    Can employees take time off without causing routine business activities to come to a halt?------------------------------------------------Take Time to Do a Little "Task Triage"------------------------------------------------Look at each of the applicable areas of your business, such as:. Project management. Production management. Information technology. Quality assurance. Marketing/sales. Customer support. Observing a repeatable pattern for performing work can take time. Even if your business has operated for a while, new activities will inevitably emerge. The expert can help fine-tune the resulting procedures, which would all become part of the company's information library.4. If you are able to automate procedures, consider using electronic support systems.5. What types of documentation should you produce?-- Systems, at the highest level, represent collections of related processes.-- Processes, depicted as diagrams or process maps, provide overviews of tasks that transform inputs into outputs by adding value during each task step.-- Procedures cover the step-by-step, "how-to" details for performing task steps. Procedures might appear in training materials, job aids, and work instructions. Your time is valuable, so your goal should be to spend time on the activities that will contribute most to your company's profitability. In conclusion, systematizing your business may seem like an overwhelming effort.

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    Supply Chain Small business Approach Integration

    So You Want to Start a Business?

    Ask yourself if people will part with their hard earned cash for your service/product as without money coming into the business you will not stay in business long. Supply chain business process integration involves collaborative work between buyers and suppliers, joint product development, common systems and shared information. The key supply chain processes stated by Lambert (2004) are:• Customer relationship management • Customer service management • Demand management • Order fulfillment • Manufacturing flow management • Supplier relationship management • Product development and commercialization • Returns management One could suggest other key critical supply business processes combining these processes stated by Lambert such as:a. Customer service management b. Procurement c. Product development and commercialization d. Manufacturing flow management/support e. Physical distribution f. Outsourcing/partnerships g. Performance measurement a) Customer service management process Customer Relationship Management concerns the relationship between the organization and its customers.Customer service provides the source of customer information. According to Lambert and Cooper (2000), managers of the product development and commercialization process must:1. coordinate with customer relationship management to identify customer-articulated needs; 2. develop production technology in manufacturing flow to manufacture and integrate into the best supply chain flow for the product/market combination. Customer Service 3. External performance measurement is examined through customer perception measures and "best practice" benchmarking, and includes 1) customer perception measurement, and 2) best practice benchmarking.Components of supply chain management are 1. Customisation[edit] Supply chain management components integrationThe management components of SCMThe SCM management components are the third element of the four-square circulation framework. Consequently, adding more management components or increasing the level of each component can increase the level of integration of the business process link. The literature on business process reengineering,[4] buyer-supplier relationships,[5] and SCM[6] suggests various possible components that must receive managerial attention when managing supply relationships. A primary level channel participant is a business that is willing to participate in the inventory ownership responsibility or assume other aspects financial risk, thus including primary level components (Bowersox and Closs, 1996). A secondary level participant (specialized), is a business that participates in channel relationships by performing essential services for primary participants, thus including secondary level components, which are supporting the primary ones. For customer service management: Includes the primary level component of customer relationship management, and secondary level components such as benchmarking and order fulfillment. 2. For product development and commercialization: Includes the primary level component of Product Data Management (PDM), and secondary level components such as market share, customer satisfaction, profit margins, and returns to stakeholders. 3. For physical distribution, Manufacturing support and Procurement: Includes the primary level component of enterprise resource planning (ERP), with secondary level components such as warehouse management, material management, manufacturing planning, personnel management, and postponement (order management). 4. For performance measurement: This includes the primary level component of logistics performance measurement, which is correlated with the information flow facility structure within the organization. Often if the inventory does not sell, the vendor (supplier) will repurchase the product from the buyer (retailer).

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    Why we want Small business procedure reengineering?

    Build Your Own Business Stimulus Plan

    27 percent of businesses are streamlining product or service offerings 34 percent are reengineering processes 37 percent are improving products, services or customer support.

    Stimulus Plan Step 1-Simplify

    Every business collects clutter over the years in offices, factory floors, inventory, product or service lines.

    Stimulus Plan Step 2-Streamline

    Pushing products or services on customers results in excess inventory, both finished goods and raw materials. Pull companies only make the product or deliver the service when the customer requests it.

    Opportunity: Companies that reduce cycle times by eliminating delay grow three times faster than their competition.

    The business that employees the economies of speed by reducing delays will garner more customers and more profits than their competition. Encourage employees to start streamlining their process today.

    Stimulus Plan Step 3-Optimize

    Every business makes mistakes. Every product or service process varies slightly.

    Eliminating defects is easy: Count the number of mistakes, errors or defects in a process (e.g., order errors, product defects, billing errors, etc.)

    Too many businesses get caught up in blaming employees for mistakes. Systems and processes let employees make mistakes.

    Employee Stimulus Plan

    Build Your Own Business Stimulus Plan

    After BPR, the company returned to short run gainfulness by sacrificing its internal product capacity to create new products.

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    Why Pricing is Hassle-free When You Have a Home business Method

    Be realistic and honest with yourself, if your business idea does not seem to be in demand think of another plan. If there are numerous businesses all offering the same service/product then what makes yours so different?

    Ask yourself if people will part with their hard earned cash for your service/product as without money coming into the business you will not stay in business long. If you are planning on opening a guesthouse for instance then it will not work if you do not like people very much!

    So You Want to Start a Business?

    Having a firm grasp of your business strategy makes it clear if your product or service is considered premium compared to those that are similar, or if it's a price leader (low cost as a result of internal process efficiency, NOT discounting, which is an unsustainable business practice).; Your business strategy makes it clear how and why your product or service is different, better, or cheaper.; Having this information allows you to provide your customers reasons and evidence for why your pricing is as such.; For example, you would not discount a premium product or service without first removing some value from your offer.; Alternatively if you are an industry price leader in a general market you may provide significant volume discounts, because that's what price sensitive customers would expect.; And here is another important piece of a business strategy: Knowing who your customers are, or should be.; In other words, knowing your target market.

    Knowing your customers and target market will help you significantly in developing a solid pricing strategy.; It is very important that this part of the business strategy is also communicated to and understood by everyone in the organization, from senior executives, to sales, marketing, customer service, operations, and so on to ensure consistency in your message to your intended target market - and pricing is part of that message.; Knowing the business strategy empowers salespeople to make pricing decisions on their own, significantly reducing the time spent discussing pricing in meetings and therefore increasing efficiency in the sales department.

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    Advantages of ERP Implementation in Company

    Business Process Management 101: BPM Defined

    Lean enterprise and business process improvement, business optimization, cost cutting TQM, quality, Six Sigma, business reengineering and other such-like initiatives, falls within the cadre of business process management.

    A deliberate attempt and approach or business management strategy, taking proactive, co-creative, data-driven, statistical and scientific method, troubleshooting and problem-solving into the business arena, optimizing efficiencies, minimizing waste and the organizations who choose to pursue it, to new heights of performance excellence and positive business results, growing profit and world-class breakthrough!

    Business process management is often seen as all organizational activities that deal with optimizing or adapting these processes, as changing situations and business needs dictate.

    The Principles of Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Improvement (BPI), is well known.

    Business Process Management 101: BPM Defined

    The current business scenario has warranted the utility of various state-of-the-art systems such as ERP Implementation, Business Intelligence, Database Administration, etc. The key behind a successful ERP system and its implementation is the choice of a credible and experienced ERP Implementation consultant. ERP Implementation involves a series of calculated steps which start with Business Process Reengineering, then moves on to Process Flow Definition and Understanding, Functional Process Mapping and ends with process definitions within the business units and authority definitions.

    An astutely carried out ERP Implementation will do wonders to the efficiency of your business by simplifying processes and disentangling complex authority structures. Idhasoft, a leading and solutions provider has years of credible experience in ERP Implementation, Business Intelligence, Database Administration, managed support and other services.